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Classroom Party & Volunteer Sign-Up

The Sauder PTG greatly appreciates your participation and willingness to serve throughout the school year! Your support and involvement helps #OurSchool and your child's community to thrive. Please answer the following questions to sign up for the opportunities that are the best fit for you. Complete a separate sign-up for each interested volunteer.

The deadline to sign up for Classroom Parties is Thursday, SEPTEMBER 1, 2022.
**IMPORTANT!!** While you may be a PTG volunteer at any time, this deadline signifies the ONLY TIME you that can volunteer for classroom parties!! We will use the Jackson district-wide lottery system to select party volunteers and will make an effort to ensure that every parent/guardian who signs up to volunteer for a party will be selected for at least one.
Volunteers for both Halloween & Valentines parties will be
posted SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 on
All other volunteers will be contacted by Chairpersons prior to events.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email Sauder PTG at Thank you in advance for your support and involvement in our school community!

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